It will change the landscape and skyline of Wembley Park forever. The money that the government is pouring in to Wembley regeneration scheme is significant and it adds more residential accommodations and leisure areas within Wembley Park. There is a brand new leisure centre which boasts a 25m swimming pool, 100 station gym, a variety of fitness classes, and a sauna & steam room.

The brand new centre is a bright and modern design, with everything people need to help them stay active and improve overall health and wellbeing. The scheme is designed to attract new and foreign investors who want to taste a new way of London. Property investors can expect to experience something new every day once the regeneration scheme is complete.

How well do you know Wembley?

People who hear the name Wembley immediately associate it with the world’s most famous football stadium where national and international football matches and other events have been held for nearly 100 years. The old Wembley stadium with its famous Twin Towers was demolished in 2003 to give way to the New Wembley Stadium. Nevertheless, Wembley Park is not only about a stadium but an array of mixed-use buildings that make up its suburban community. It is also home to huge housing and retail development schemes which started at the turn of the millennium.

The infusion of £2.5bn for a regeneration scheme around Wembley Park has further intensified interest in the area, particularly among first-time home buyers. The appeal of living near a venue for local and international events is seen as a primary factor in the heightened interest.

What’s on

First on the list is obviously visiting the New Wembley Stadium. You can try out the Wembley tours and go on a one hour award-winning experience by exploring the story behind the popular edifice. Want to see something beautiful and unique? Then you can visit the Shri Sanatan Hindu Temple in Wembley and marvel at the intricate architecture of the temple which has impressed thousands of visitors. Getting a Wembley Park property also opens to you the opportunity of having easy access to the Wembley Arena where concerts of international artists and bands are held. The London Designer Outlet, a semi-outdoor shopping area located in Wembley Park, is only a couple of minutes away. One thing’s for sure, you will definitely not regret it that you got yourself an investment property within the Wembley Park area.

Should you buy?

Investing in real estate continues to be one of the most profitable ventures out there. Everything is planned. The Wembley Park regeneration scheme is designed to be advantageous to prospective investors. This means that when you invest in a newly-regenerated Wembley Park property, you have already won. How so? Market analysts in the real estate industry predict that prices of Wembley Park properties will increase in the years to come, giving you ample return on your investment.

Many are still wondering whether investing in a Wembley Park property will be worth it. The answer can be found in the economic benefits that a potential investor will derive from the regeneration. With the enormous funds and effort poured by the government into the Wembley regeneration scheme, property buyers are already lining up.

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