London is undergoing a major regeneration boom and now’s the time to have a good look at where the best places in town to buy are that will get the best returns, as well as capital gains.

London is an ancient city, so periods of regeneration are common in this metropolis of 10 million people. Local authorities and the Mayor of London are leading the improvements to inner city areas to ensure that the economies rise and that the lives of residents improve.

The Mayor of London has decided to prioritise infrastructure, which will greatly impact the future of the capital. New roads, railway stations and leisure facilities vastly increase the livability of a neighbourhood, while creating new opportunities.

Some examples of structures or places that were developed under the London regeneration scheme include the Grand Union Canal walkways and the Thames Barrier Park. Similarly, Oxford Street – the world’s most famous shopping street – is being zoned for pedestrianisation (although this has been on the plans for decades).

In recognition of a lack of affordable housing and facilities, the London regeneration scheme will be providing thousands of new homes to Londoners. One example is Wembley, which by 2020 will have 5,000 more new homes. The area around the stadium is already seeing improvement.

The London regeneration scheme has already brought so many benefits to the city, and added tens of thousands of jobs, while greatly improving the urban landscape. By the completion of this development, London residents can look forward to the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs, which will positively impact the local economy.

Key areas targeted are Ealing, Brent, Wembley and Tottenham. Development has already started, and there is excellent availability. We are covering Wembley and Tottenham in this ebook. We also talk about the Brexit and it’s impact. Enjoy!

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