Tottenham Hale in London has begun its journey towards a new chapter. In December of 2018, the Tottenham Hale regeneration scheme was approved. The government ensured that this ambitious regeneration plan tackles local people’s priorities of more job opportunities, better  housing and improved transport links. The Haringey Council’s ambitious regeneration plans for Tottenham has already seen more than £1 billion of private and public backing that will be transforming the area with a host of opportunities. By 2025, it is projected to deliver 10,000 new homes and 5,000 new jobs.

Get To Know Tottenham Hale

Tottenham Hale is located in the north of London and is part of the London Borough of Haringey. Like many areas in London, it began as a small hamlet a thousand years ago which eventually became a manor. It is not really known how it got its name but tradition tells that it was named after a farmer named Tota whose hamlet was cited in the Domesday Book. The Domesday Book is a manuscript record of the “Great Survey” of much of England and parts of Wales completed in 1086 by order of King William. From Tota’s hamlet, it eventually evolved into Tottenham. The area has centred on the Tottenham Hale station in the past and is largely industrial in character. That has been gradually changing though as many industrial sites have given way to residential and commercial real estate development. Today, Tottenham Hale is undergoing a major change that will forever alter its landscape for the better.

Tottenham Hale Dream

The dream of making Tottenham Hale a new growth centre as envisioned by both residents and officials took a step closer to reality with the Strategic Regeneration Framework. Finally approved in 2014, the area is embarking on a journey of becoming London’s next regenerated neighbourhood, with a vision to complete over 5,000 homes, as well as generating 4,000 jobs by the year 2020.

The Tottenham Hale promise

The best thing about the Tottenham Hale regeneration scheme is that everyone from residents to businesses and landowners, as well as other stakeholders, pitched in their ideas. They came out with five themes that will surely excite the most sceptical property investor. For starters, Tottenham Hale will have a dedicated area filled with a broad range of shops and leisure choices where residents and visitors can spend time and enjoy. The vision includes around five thousand units of affordable homes that locals and investors alike can either rent or buy. The regeneration scheme of Tottenham Hale also includes accessible and well-connected spaces that promote cycling and walking for its residents and visitors. There would be a new Tube, rail and bus station at Tottenham Hale. There would also be a New Tottenham Hotspur stadium which would have a capacity of 61,000. For UK’s first Fashion Technology Academy, a £570,000 investment is also included.

What to expect

The local government of Tottenham Hale signified that the regeneration scheme will have the inclusion of a network of open and green spaces. Along with the construction of these areas are maintenance and funding plans that will keep them well maintained, clean and at the same time, safe. This part of the plan was carefully put forward to benefit elderly residents and visitors who often yearn for open and green spaces. The regeneration scheme also included a dedicated working centre where residents and investors can start their business and create jobs. The area is designed to be conducive to business start-ups regardless of their category.

These themes factored into the Tottenham Hale regeneration scheme have gotten the attention of investors. With the regeneration underway, prices are poised to rise. Since properties are at a reasonable price today, many investors have already started turning towards Tottenham Hale.

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