If you are asked to name the top three factors that hugely impact the business world, then wireless technology, such as 5G, would surely be among the answers that you would have. Ever since personal computers were introduced to the public in the early 70s, market analysts have predicted that someday, these machines would change the way companies do business. From then on, personal computers played a huge part, not only with companies, but in ordinary people’s lives. Shortly, people began using their mobile phones in almost the same manner as they would a personal computer. Suddenly, the battle is not about the hardware anymore but in the wireless realm where the one having the most efficient bandwidth win. Today, the business world is in for another exciting era with the arrival of 5G technology and the vast opportunities it brings along with it.

A Brief Summary Of How It All Began

The date January 9, 2007 will perhaps be remembered as the day Steve Jobs first showed the world the immense possibilities of a smartphone. Although it was not the first smartphone every invented, iPhone opened the eyes of the public in the immense possibilities the device has in store for them. Pretty soon, a host of other smartphones using different operating systems emerged in the market. All of these devices promise Internet connectivity and most of the functions of a personal computer. These devices remained hostages to the type of available wireless technology. The arrival of 4G Long Term Evolution or LTE electrified the business world as it allowed consumers to stream videos in real time. This opened vast opportunities which businesses eagerly caught on.

The Advent of 5G Technology

Although 4G LTE allowed businesses to increase their sales and improve their customer service, as well as enhance the productivity of their employees, the technology still had limitations. These include latency and connectivity issues, which severely affects the applications that need uninterrupted Internet connection. The impending release of 5G technology on the global stage in 2020 is set to change all that. This may also be the chance of China to be a central player in global innovation as telecom giants like ZTE and Huawei are sparing no effort in research and development of related 5G technologies.

The Promise of 5G Technology

The main promise of 5G technology for smartphone users is an increased bandwidth. Imagine driving down a two-lane highway during rush hour. You can just imagine your frustration if there are too many cars ahead, right? That is the present 4G LTE technology at present. Now, imagine you add four more lanes on each side of the two-lane road, the result would be a faster traffic. That is the metaphorical example of 4G and 5G technologies. With a huge bandwidth and more of the network devoted to each single smartphone or tablet, you can expect lightning speeds with limited or no buffering of videos.

Its Impact On Business

How will this affect people do business? You can expect businesses to develop apps that will allow a more personalized experience for their customers. Online tutorial services can be performed even while the teacher is mobile and paid services like watching movies or shows can be done without waiting for it to buffer. Like the advent of Internet, 5G technology can spur the birth of new startups that will provide new applications or services to further enhance your mobile experience.

While the year 2020 is still some time away, businesses are already getting ready for the vast new opportunities that 5G technology has for them. With the promise of greater bandwidth translating to speeds thousands of times faster than what is offered by 4G technology, the future of mobile technology looks very promising indeed.


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