Expanded in China via Participation in CBME China and CIIE in 2019

CHANGSHA, China, Dec. 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Oz Farm, a well-known Australian milk powder brand that formally entered the Chinese market in 2019, plans to enhance its presence across China in 2020 by launching new product packaging targeting Chinese consumers, hosting unique Oz Farm Magic World-themed events, engaging with consumers both online and offline, and sponsoring mother-child themed TV and media programs. The brand took part in the 19th CBME China, a leading event in the child, baby and maternity products industry, and the 2nd China International Import Expo held in Shanghai, helping introduce it to the Chinese market.

With these plans for 2020, the brand expects to further expand into the Chinese market and provide Chinese families with high-quality milk powder. In addition, with an ongoing commitment to its corporate social responsibility and public welfare causes, Oz Farm will cooperate with the Ausnutria U-Foundation and the Hunan Charity Federation to donate products to disadvantaged areas across China’s Hunan province.

Australian-produced milk powder is growing in popularity among global consumers, especially in China, where many mothers are seeking high-quality milk sources. According to statistics concerning China’s imports and exports of dairy products from January to September 2019, China imported 9,500 tons of milk powder from Australia, accounting for 3.7% of the total and representing a year-on-year increase of 12.9%. China’s demand for Australian milk powder has soared.

In 2017 and 2018, global dairy products leader Ausnutria acquired ADP and Oz Farm and integrated the two firms into its existing infrastructure in Australia as a part of its global development strategy.

Oz Farm has been aggressively developing its presence in the milk powder industry in Australia for many years and is the only nutrition brand designated by the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. The dairy maker has also established a close cooperation with leading research-centered Monash University. With cutting-edge technologies, it has produced a diverse lineup of infant formulas, functional milk powders and milk powders for pregnant mothers, including protein hydrolyzed and low GI formulas. A number of Oz Farm products have garnered national awards from the Dairy Industry Association of Australia, thanks to breakthroughs in its production processes and nutritional formulas. 

ADP, one of the earliest Australian infant formula manufacturers to have received certification from the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, has put a strict food safety management system in place and assembled one of the world’s top nutritional formula research teams. With Ausnutria’s successful acquisitions and integration of ADP, Oz Farm has experienced strong improvements in terms of production, research and development, operational management and channel marketing, achieving, outside of Australia, the ability to stage simultaneous product releases in China and several Southeast Asian countries.

Eurlate Vice GMBD Mr. ChenHong (Left) Ausnutria Group COO Mr. Deng Shenhui (Right)

Eurlate Vice GMBD Mr. ChenHong (Left) Ausnutria Group COO Mr. Deng Shenhui (Right)

Oz Farm products on display at the 19th CBME event

Oz Farm’s fast growth serves as a testament to Australia’s dairy industry, which has regained momentum thanks to the attention that mothers around the world are paying to the quality of the milk powder they serve their infants. It is expected that more Australian dairy brands will follow suit. Oz Farm is positioned to continue increasing market share thanks to its powerful R&D team, advanced production technologies and strong support from Ausnutria.

About Ausnutria

Ausnutria is one of the most internationally recognized dairy products providers with ten production facilities principally based in the Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia. It is engaged in milk collection as well as the R&D, production and distribution of all dairy products, including infant formula, milk powder for children and adults as well as liquid milk and nutrition products. It has sold products to 66 countries and regions worldwide under several well-known infant food and dairy product brands.

About Oz Farm

Established in 1998 in Victoria, the birthplace of Australian Rules football, Oz Farm is an Australian firm principally engaged in formula milk products for infants, children and pregnant mothers for 20 years. Victoria has been nicknamed "The Garden State" due to its outstanding geographical location and beautiful natural environment. All of Oz Farm’s milk powder comes from well-nurtured milk sources along the Murray River. Oz Farm feeds its high-quality dairy cows, including Holstein, Jersey and Illawarra cows, with only the best-in-class white clovers and ryegrasses, which are rich in crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, nitrogen free extract and other natural nutrients. Oz Farm is committed to a strict agricultural inspection system, regular inspection and monitoring of pastures, high standards in quality milk sources and scientific management in a move to effectively ensure the natural purity of its products.

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