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Thailand is a huge tourist magnet. In 2018 alone, the Tourism Ministry reported that as much as 38.27 million tourists visited the country, a 7.5% increase from the previous year, with 3.85 million arriving in December. With these numbers alone, one can deduce that Thailand an ideal holiday destination. Year over year, it attracts a hefty amount of visitors and investors from all over the world. With this, the country is poised to capture real estate investors who want to capitalise on the growing popularity of Thailand, particularly among British and Hong Kong expats. Why do more foreigners choose to buy Azur Samui properties?

The rise in the number of wealthy Asians, Australians, and Europeans taking a good look at Koh Samui makes one wonder what makes it a great investment potential. 

Azur Samui is a Great Property Development in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is located in the beautiful country of Thailand. The island has been one of the most coveted destinations today. It attracts a huge throng of tourists worldwide because of its elegant yet affordable units. 

Azur Samui apartments, penthouses, and villas were masterfully planned and designed by the award-winning team of architects, M-System. The development boasts of 27 ultra-luxurious apartments and pool penthouses, 23 majestic private pool villa residences meticulously built surrounding a posh Clubhouse. Azur Samui also has world-class quality facilities for dining, sports, spa treatments, and relaxation. 

The place, despite its grandeur, has maintained Thailand’s rich and exotic culture. Over the years, it has transformed from being a backpacker’s sanctuary into a world-class travel destination. 

Why Buy Azur Samui Properties

Going abroad means having the chance to relax and explore places with excitement. Azure Samui gives its property owners that and more. In Azur Samui, property owners can experience a lifestyle of convenience and opulence. Its first-class amenities coupled with superb services ensure residents and visitors will have an unforgettable experience. They can explore the grandeur of Koh Samui Island’s beautiful beaches, gastronomic scene, and vibrant nightlife. It indeed gives anyone who lives and visits the place the ultimate lifestyle. 

Owning a property in Azur Samui means complete access to the development’s amazing facilities including the Azur Clubhouse. At the Clubhouse, owners have access to the spa where they can have therapeutic massages, infinity swimming pool whilst they bask in the sun, a fully equipped gym where they can sweat it out, tennis courts to practice power serves, and championship-grade Santiburi golf course to perfect their swings. 

In the investment side, having a property in Azur Samui will give high yields since Koh Samui apartment accommodation costs about $60 each night. Luxury villas are priced even higher ranging from $80 to as much as $720. Whilst one might think the prices are steep, more people are willing to pay for it as these properties are hardly vacant. With property prices averaging $400,000 with an annual yield of 7% and a huge capital growth of 8%, Koh Samui homes are great investment properties. They will look good on your portfolio. The great thing about Azur Samui is that they currently offer a 50% developer financing. Plus, investors can use their vacation homes when they want to enjoy Thailand and all its beauty. 

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