Diana Princess of Wales will remain as one of the greatest icons of all time. The People’s Princess still has a remarkable following 20 years after her death, with millions of fans still voicing their affection for her. Call Me Diana pays tribute to her as a show to celebrate undying love for the Princess. 

The musical is particularly written to give happiness to every Diana fan as it tells the story in a spectacular fashion that will enable them to relive Diana’s story. Call Me Diana is a story within a story. It will not mention any conspiracy theories only how the intrusive media affected the Princess. 

Call Me Diana will showcase 20 wonderful original music tracks that will bring every viewer into an emotional and fascinating journey as they follow the life of Diana. The media will be the villain, except for TV journalist Ben who falls deeply in love with Diana. Ben will echo the sentiment of each one of Diana’s fans all over the world. 

The musical will begin from her untimely demise and will travel back in time until the audience meets the shy woman who meets a prince who will sweep her off her feet to make her live a broken fairy tale. Follow her as she comes out as a confident and lovely international icon. Call Me Diana’s finale will bring a smile and a tear as the show closes as if to remind everyone that she is gone from our lives. 

The Call Me Diana cast will go on stage on the 19th of September 2019 using their existing funds. The group is crowd funding an additional £4,500 to improve the whole performance and provide a compelling show fit for a princess. The two and a half-hour show will be held at The Leicester Square Theatre with two performances. 

The writers of Call Me Diana, David Smart and Brian Watson, worked on this collaboration for 12 long years. Both of them has a long history of working together creating various award-winning advertising campaigns in the UK. The Story Editor, Richard Kay, was a former Royal Correspondent and Diana’s personal friend. He gave the writers an exceptional story that can only come from someone close to the Princess to ensure the show will be a proper tribute. Natasha John will play Diana. She is the star of Michael McIntyre’s BIG SHOW. The tribute will be directed by John DeGaetano. 

The funding needed for the show will offer exciting incentives. Incentives will include name placement in all Call Me Diana show programmes, a T-shirt, or two tickets to the show. Those who cannot contribute financially are encouraged to share the show to friends and social media. As of posting, Call Me Diana is able to raise £550 of their goal through Indiegogo. Should they fail to reach their goal, the show will proceed as planned. If you wish to contribute, you can find further information about the show and their call for funding at Indiegogo.

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