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For so long a time, the world has considered oil as the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow. Undeniably, countries that supply oil to the world are rich, with their leaders flaunting jaw-dropping luxurious lifestyles here and there. With the oil supply predicted to run low in the future, now may be a good time to diversify in terms of investments. There is a current growing demand worldwide for one plant, which has been proven to offer astounding medicinal benefits – cannabis. Suffice to say, many countries today are clamoring to get into the bandwagon as it has already been made clear that the demand for cannabis in the world will not simply reach “stability” but will soar dramatically.

A Positive View towards the Cannabis Industry

Some people wonder why countries today have taken a more positive view of the cannabis industry. The answer is quite simple. As what Andrew Smith, CEO of South Pacific Cannabis, Ltd., has said, education has been the driving factor which led countries to take a more aggressive approach towards cannabis. These countries, considered to be more knowledgeable, recognized that while medical cannabis is still in the beginning, it is already breaking onto the world stage as a serious treatment to many conditions.

The Huge Potential Within Reach

Before, many would shun cannabis as they viewed it as something without medicinal benefits. This view has changed dramatically. Science, along with the fast dissemination of information, had made people more aware of the qualities of cannabis that have both social and economic implications. These can improve the treatment of certain medical conditions. In addition, cannabis has also opened economic realities that were not there in the past.

Vanuatu – A Very Likely Cannabis Hub

Andrew Smith &
Moses Nako

Indeed, the cannabis industry will pave the way for better and more stable economies from around the world, for as long as certain factors needed for it to strive are met. As Smith pointed out, one viable cannabis-producing country is Vanuatu. The locals in Vanuatu will derive great benefits out of cannabis production. Some concrete benefits will be an improved clean water system for Tanna Island, as well as a steady and dependable revenue source and meaningful employment. These will raise the overall quality of life and standard of living of Vanuatu citizens.

A Look at its Sustainability

As of today, it has been established that the cannabis market is not only sustainable, but is the fastest growing sector in the world economy. This means that even if a country, like Vanuatu, would grow cannabis for several decades, one is assured that it will be highly sustainable.

Sustaining Cannabis: The Resources Necessary

Just like any other plant, growing cannabis will require a number of resources that would ensure its growth and productivity. The most important is of course, a stable licensing environment. This is necessary to allow for the considerable investment that it takes to build this sort of project. Also, the need for a good and willing workforce is obvious. In terms of land, the ideal size of a cannabis farm is from anywhere up to 10,000-20,000 hectares of land for hemp, which can be used for CBD, as well as biodiesel fuel, that can help to end the continual and frequent fuel shortages.

Marketing Products of Local Cannabis Farmers

After pinpointing the factors involved in growing cannabis, it’s time to address the marketing aspect. Smith has explained that the ability to market the products of local cannabis farmers will greatly depend on the location. One concrete example he gave was in Vanuatu. Here, they will handle taking care of all hemp grown by the natives. This will give them a more sustainable cash crop than coffee, because unlike coffee, a hemp crop takes only 3 months to recover from a cyclone, whereas coffee takes 3-5 years to recover. Suffice to say, investing in cannabis will not only benefit the capitalist, but would also prove highly beneficial to workers. Realistically speaking, natural calamities like cyclones will not send stakeholders reeling economically but will have them regain good footing in a matter of a few months. 

A Host of Industries is Available

There are many ancillary industries that benefit from the cannabis industry. Accountants, building supplies and construction jobs are among the industries that could potentially gain from it. Other industries that could provide services and supplies to the project will certainly enjoy economic rewards. With the rising and continuous demand for cannabis all over the world, countries like Vanuatu could certainly benefit from it. Considering that more nations are embracing the fact that cannabis offers astounding health benefits, it will surely become the next “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

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