Learn how to buy tenanted UK freehold property with an 8% yield

As property in the UK is back in high demand, everyone can now take advantage of this high grade investment. Bloem Care, a care home operator from the...
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Here is an innovative new way to fund retirement costs

Let's say someone needs $800 or £800 a month to pay for their retirement home. There are a number of ways to achieve this. The two traditional...
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How to Invest in the Raughton Manor Care Home with the CrowdHub Group

Recently, the CrowdHub Group announced its entry into the UK care home industry through a Singapore-regulated investment vehicle. Through this special purpose vehicle (SPV), investors can now...

Why crowd investing is the millennials choice for buying property

Millennials around the world don’t want to buy a home similar to mum and dads! In fact many just want to live somewhere cool and pay what it costs to do that. Until they can’t hold off any longer with lifetime goals.