The decision on where to settle down would often depend on a lot of factors. Oftentimes, though price may be a consideration, it is not the primary reason. In fact, the final decision would usually lie upon the location of the property and all the good things associated with it. In this case, the tranquility and beauty of the location plays a major role in arriving at the final decision. Now imagine if you can get such property at a very attractive price, one that you can easily afford? Welcome to the island paradise of Sri Lanka where natural beauty and freshness fuse with majestic sceneries and warm culture! This gorgeous place is rapidly becoming the new sexy and hot destination of people who are always on the lookout for fresh splendor where they can completely relax after a hard day’s work.

The Site Of Paradise

The beautiful Sri Lanka is located some distance away from the southern portion of India. Its natural and lush beauty has attracted hordes of visitors for many centuries. One of the best things about Sri Lanka is its low crime rate where any atrocity against foreigners is almost non-existent. In fact, this is one country where some parts of it would consider the theft of a couple of bicycles already a crime wave. Its lush forest teeming with wildlife including elephants is always waiting to be explored. The stunningly beautiful white sand beaches that can be found in many parts of this gorgeous paradise is enough to make any travel buff salivate. On top of it all, the country is host to dozens of archaeological sites that would further satisfy your inquisitive mind.


Contrary to what many outsiders think, the country of Sri Lanka is far from being poor. According to official reports made available by international think-tanks, the country enjoys status as among with the lowest poverty rates compared to other countries in the same region. If you take into account how the World Bank measure poverty, then you can say Sri Lanka fares better than its neighbors. According to the international financial institution, the absolute international poverty line is at $1.90 a day as of 2015. In the case of Sri Lanka, official reports confirm than almost 45 percent of its population earns more than the international poverty threshold, though lower than $5 dollars a day. The rest of the population has income of $5 and above. This means that the country itself, though living standards may be low, cannot be entirely classified as very poor.

The People

Aside from the natives living in the country, the island itself is also teeming with expatriates who came from various parts of the globe. Try going around one of the cities or towns in Sri Lanka and you will definitely meet someone that came from your own country. These expats came to this island paradise for various reasons. Some of them explain that they decided to come back and stay because the natives are very friendly and accommodating. A few would say that they came to work there, many would tell you that they came to the island to set up shop and to settle down. While there are also some who are in Sri Lanka just to relax and unwind, a lot of them have considered going back and settling down.


In order to cater to the horde of people coming to Sri Lanka and setting up temporary or permanent residences there, it comes as no surprise the best investment that anyone should set up is real estate. According to studies conducted by Candor Group, a professional wealth management company, real estate properties in Sri Lanka is producing better returns compared to other investment types in the country. Another great thing about real estate in Sri Lanka is the country’s easy-to-secure financing which will allow expatriates and natives alike to own property with painless installment plans. On the part of the developer, such real estate investments can earn them returns of between 20 to 200 percent. That is a whooping return on investment that would definitely encourage companies to develop properties in Sri Lanka.


While the physical infrastructure of Sri Lanka can already be considered adequate, more projects are currently being undertaken by the government. As a result, the prices of real estate properties near these projects often rise. It also increased foreign investor confidence in the country making the World Bank project that Sri Lanka will have an accelerated growth to around 5.1% by the year 2019. With such amazing trend, the World Bank may soon declare Sri Lanka to be at par with Brazil, Malaysia and Thailand. In the meantime, mega infrastructure projects like international seaports and airports, as well as massive railway systems, are ongoing and helping the country’s economy a lot.

All of these features combined make Sri Lanka a very good place to settle down and put your investments in. Companies in developed countries like Britain and the United States are taking a second look at this very moment in this beautiful paradise. Soon, with the massive investments being poured into the country, Sri Lanka could become the next Bahamas this side of the world.

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