– Hanwoo Board promotes the excellence of Hanwoo with a dedicated booth at RBHK 2019 from 3-5 September

– Hanwoo Board actively engages with industry insiders, collating feedback from Hanwoo importers and offering importers opportunities to consult exporters

HONG KONG, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —  South Korea’s Hanwoo Board was a major presence at the Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2019 exhibition, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for three days from 3–5 September, earning rave reviews for Hanwoo premium Korean beef from buyers across Asia and beyond.

Source: Hanwoo Board

Source: Hanwoo Board

The Hanwoo Board booth was a consistently popular destination for visitors at RBHK 2019, attracting an average of 670 guests per day, and bringing in more than 2,000 people in total throughout the duration of the international trade event.

From the inaugural exposition hosted in 2002, RBHK has grown to become one of the most important and influential exhibitions for food, beverages, and related services in Asia, attracting more than 50,000 visitors each year.

At RBHK 2019, 92 percent of visitors were decision-makers in the food and beverage industry, giving the event a significant edge over other similar events in terms of raw marketing and sales power.

The Hanwoo Board booth was a firm favorite among visitors, offering sauteed Hanwoo sirloin, Hanwoo rice balls, and chopped Hanwoo steak as tantalizing samples to promote and share the premium flavor and quality of Hanwoo. One guest, a restaurant owner in Hong Kong, gave Hanwoo two enthusiastic thumbs up, saying, "Hanwoo is much juicier than other meat and has a unique savory flavor."

Another positive for the business potential of Hanwoo is the fact that Hong Kong families have a culture of eating together. As such, many buyers were especially interested in premium Hanwoo as the perfect dish to be cooked on a hot plate and shared with close friends and family on the spot. This led to numerous productive meetings and consultations between Hanwoo exporters and importers, which should, ultimately, provide a strong boost for Hanwoo exports.

The Hanwoo Board has also been working with exporters and Hanwoo brands in Korea to establish a consistent international brand image for Hanwoo and to help raise global awareness of premium quality Hanwoo.

Buoyed by its success of promoting the excellence of Hanwoo to experts from the food and beverage industry at RBHK 2019, the Hanwoo Board is expected to attend the Hong Kong Wind & Dine Festival from 31 October–3 November to cement the growing reputation and popularity of Hanwoo among the general public.

"Throughout the years, a handful of brands have been exporting Hanwoo independently," said a Hanwoo Board official. "However, for RBHK 2019, the Hanwoo Board set up its own booth to promote Hanwoo, which has helped tremendously to create a positive and consistent image for Hanwoo. I hope our work continues to stimulate Hanwoo exports moving forward."

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