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Recently, the CrowdHub Group announced its entry into the UK care home industry through a Singapore-regulated investment vehicle. Through this special purpose vehicle (SPV), investors can now own put their money in the UK care home property through share ownership. 

These SPVs will allow investors to own a long-term lease when they invest in Raughton Manor Care Home that offers 8-10% annually assured dividends free from capital gains tax. 

Why Invest in a UK Care Home?

Various factors suggest investing in a UK care home as a profitable source of income. This includes: 

  • The UK’s ageing population is increasing. People aged 85 and over will soon total to about 2.2 million. 
  • Those aged 65+ will increase by 48.7% in the 17 years. 
  • In 2018, as much as 3,000 elderly people do not have access to beds in the UK care home. During the same year, approximately 18% of the UK population is aged 65+ and is projected to increase by 20.7% by 2027 and by 24% by 2037. 
  • Come 2026, approximately 14,000 elderly will be added to the population and the current number of beds will not be enough to compensate for the growing demand.
  • Currently, 70% of people in care homes have severe memory problems or dementia. This year, about 225,000 people are expected to develop dementia or roughly one person every 3 minutes. 

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Raughton Manor Care Home Investment Offering

Raughton Care Home is a fully managed care home built and licensed in the UK located in Low Hesket, 11 miles south of Carlisle. The care home is under the operational management of Karma Health Management Ltd that will offer a secure and restful environment for its residents. The company is an award-winning care home operator managed by an experienced team of directors. Karma will be responsible for the acquisition, renovation, and operation of care homes in the UK’s key areas to meet the current demand for high-quality and regulatory compliant care homes.

The company’s mission is to become the market leader of the nursing care and residential care sector in the UK. For this reason, they have embarked on creating the company to answer the growing demand for quality homes with advanced environments for the most vulnerable members of society. 

Investors will receive quarterly dividends directly. Without capital gains tax, investors can receive up to 30% of the net capital gain from the sale of the business. This is applicable a year from share acquisition. Karma gives its investors assured dividends of 8-10% annually free from the capital gains tax, as follows:

Raughton Manor Care Home investors will be assured that their money will earn a good profit since the care home has superb offerings including: 


Raughton Manor offers comfortable residential homes for its residents with the following features:

  • 28 comfortable single bedrooms, all en suite
  • good  disabled access
  • Spacious lounges and three (3) dining areas
  • Hair salon
  • Flat Panel TVs in all rooms
  • Safety features on all doors and windows
  • Rooms open for personalisation by residents

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Health and Well-Being

Health and wellbeing of residents remain the top priority in Raughton Manor Care Homes that all of them will be provided with:

  • Healthy menu of fresh and nutritional food
  • Special cultural and dietary food items
  • Birthday and special event celebrations with family and friends
  • Professional medical services
  • Religious services

Investors also get the assurance that the care home will have general updating and decorating of all communal areas, bedrooms, bathrooms periodically. New gardens will be in place to include woodland pathways, raised flower beds, external seating, terraced areas. This is to encourage outdoor activities and improve general well being. The staff will also conduct resident care planning and staff training and development. 

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How Can You Invest in Raughton Manor?

Shareholders will divert funds into escrow wallets which will then be paid to a developer with residual funds diverted into the SPVs e-wallet. The funds paid to the developer will then be used to purchase assets through SPVs, with residual funds going into the SPVs e-wallet. 

Karma Singapore Pte Ltd owns freehold ownership of the Raughton Manor Care Home and will grant a lease to investors with an annual assured dividend rate of 8 to 10%. Through an SPV or a CHG director, investors can hold the lease for 999 years. The company currently holds 1.5 million shares priced at £1 each. Aside from the assured dividends, investors will get a net capital gain of as much as 30%. CrowdHub Group will become the special purpose vehicle that will divert the funds towards Karma Singapore and then Karma Health. 

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Who Will Manage Raughton Manor Care Homes?

Ben Challinor, Director of Care 

A senior care professional with over 25 years of experience in the care sector. He has worked from all levels in the care sector from Care Assistant to Registered Manager and Operator. In the years he had worked for in care homes, Ben has made an excellent reputation for increasing and improving care home standards. He is highly adept in liaising with and challenging bodies on behalf of the operators.

Simon Moppett, Managing Director

Simon has more than 25 years of experience in managing social care, hospitality and commercial property sectors with a proven track record of making decisive and purposeful leadership roles. 

Alistair Barton, Development Director

Alistair has extensive experience in commercial and development sector with in-depth knowledge about care home acquisition and development. He has successfully worked in the social care and commercial property sectors across Europe. 

Richard Shore, Finance Director

Richard has more than 20 years of experience as a Financial Director and Chartered Accountant. He has worked for both the social care sector and in the private sector. His vast experience in dealing with finances in all levels including complex, multi-site businesses reporting to numerous stakeholders will be of great benefit for Raughton Manor Care Homes investors. 

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