David Beckham, Victoria's husband.
David Beckham, Victoria's husband.

Special feature by innovative new author Raymond Chew. Raymond is a property expert based on the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia 

Do this with me, close your eyes… tell me the first image that pops up in your head when you hear the word ‘Manchester’?

Let me guess, chances are: It’s something to do with football.

This automatic bias is the reason why investors are missing out great properties in Manchester (especially oversea investors). The word ‘Manchester’ doesn’t associate with the word ‘investment’ or ‘real estate’.

And that bias has a cost, an opportunity cost. Secretly, it causes many of us to miss all the shots to invest in one the most famous cities of England.

If you feel like that’s you, someone who never considered investing in Manchester, here’s a treat for you, read till the end, don’t let this be the “another one that got away”!

Remember this name. St. George’s Gardens

St George's Gardens
St George’s Gardens

St. George’s Garden is a new apartment complex at the heart of Manchester. It has splendid views over the Grade II listed church from which it derives its name, this stunning new development of 46 one bed apartments, 91 two bed apartments and 1 three bed apartment has been carefully designed to blend harmoniously with its historic neighbour. A new building that blends in with its historical counterpart? How often do you see that?


St George's Gardens
St George’s Gardens Roof Terrace.

Overview of St. George’s Garden

Located in Castlefield, which is an inner city oasis of quaint cobbled streets, canals and waterside al fresco wining and dining. St. George Garden is a haven to relax, dine and enjoy.

The location is highly strategic –
5 minutes stroll to The Bridgewater Canal Basin

5 minutes walk to Cornbrook Metrolink station and access to the cross city tram network to Manchester Victoria

6 minutes to Manchester Piccadilly by rail from nearby Deansgate station

Why is Manchester a great place to invest?

Best Places to Invest in UK Property 2020
Best Places to Invest in UK Property 2020

Before we wrap up, here’s another little secret you may not know. The name ‘Manchester’ is a combination of “Mancunium” (Latin name for “Breast-like Hill”) and “ceaster” (Old English for ‘Roman town or city’). So Manchester basically means “Roman town on a breast-like hill”. Now that’s a City name with personality!


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