It is often said that the price of progress is usually environmental degradation where you see forests giving way to settlements and air getting thick by fuel emissions. As if this is not enough, this is further exacerbated by the irresponsible disposal of waste by some which lead to water pollution. A study conducted by researchers at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis revealed that each year, around 8 million metric tons of plastic find their way to the seas and oceans. To give you an idea of its volume, imagine 5 grocery bags that are filled to the brim with plastic for every foot of all shorelines on Earth. Worse, the same study projects that by 2025, the yearly input will be twice as many, or ten grocery bags filled to the brim with plastic for every foot of coastline on Earth. Solutions are on the way, however, as some companies are turning to more natural fibers to reduce, if not eliminate, this environmental threat to oceans.

Packaging Company With A Heart For The Environment

While most packaging companies continue to make products that wreak havoc to the environment, new startups like the Sky Blue Packaging are finding ways to minimize the impact to the world’s oceans. They have recently found a way to do this by using natural polymers for use in packaging products. Packaging products made with natural polymers included as the main ingredient is projected to reduce ocean pollution drastically. This is due to the very nature of the material which is water-based, meaning the material may disintegrate in water without having to pollute it in a huge manner. The best aspect about packaging made from natural polymers is that when it disintegrates, it becomes digestible food sources that can be eaten by microorganisms whether on soil or oceans. Compare this with some regular packaging now where decades may pass but still you will see the same old packaging material as if you just threw them yesterday.

Environmental Goals

While natural polymers may not be the one size fits all solution or the silver bullet to the environmental problem caused by non-biodegradable packaging material, it can be said it is part of the solution. It is a step in the right direction which, if supported by companies like McDonald’s and Sime Darby, which are long touted to be among those that use non-biodegradable materials, then it will start a chain reaction until everyone will follow and use. As you may have known by now, the state of an environment is among those that hugely impact economic growth. Take China, for instance, where only a few years ago, its air pollution was so bad that foreign investors threatened to pull out their investments. That prompted the government to take strong measures to minimize the effects of gas emissions. While they continue to struggle with the issue, their government is now making moves to combat that.

Government Action

On the part of innovative start-ups like Sky Blue Packaging, they have partnered with the Malaysian government to address the seemingly insurmountable pollution of the seas. Fruitful efforts like introducing natural polymer packaging to Dominos Pizza, V-Care Pharmacy and Gold Screen Cinemas, among others, are already producing good results. It is even projected that such pilot endeavors would soon become a benchmark to follow for neighboring countries in the Asian region.

The Future

With companies like Sky Blue Packaging leading the way, soon the problem of pollution in the ocean would be greatly minimized. Since they hold patents on polymers, the expertise and the experience to make these products, they have the necessary skills and knowhow as regards the production of this type of packaging. The only thing that is limiting these companies’ ability to go full scale production is a good supply of polymer and a production plant big enough to handle the huge demand that will surely come.

It will be a clear future indeed if one day, most of the garbage on the seas and shoreline are greatly minimized or at some point, totally disappear. Not only will it rid the seas and oceans of life-threatening pollution, it will also help humankind secure one of its food sources. With the valiant efforts being made by companies like Sky Blue Packaging, a clearer future is starting to take shape.

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