Koh Samui in Thailand is rapidly becoming known as
the perfect holiday destination. Attracting visitors and investors from all
parts of the globe, it is gradually making a head start to capture the tourist
market this side of Asia. It has become so popular that Hong Kong and British
expats have been taking a closer look at the island, with many of them
transforming into investment property buyers. Wealthy Asians, Europeans, and
Australians are likewise drawn to Koh Samui because of its beauty and
investment potential. What could be some of its features that made many
foreigners desire to invest in properties there?

Koh Samui Overview

Located in the exotic country of Thailand, the
island of Koh Samui is among the most sought after destinations today. It
attracts visitors from all over the globe because of its chic and affordable
accommodation units. The place also allows visitors to enjoy a variety of
sports and entertainment, as well as experience its rich and exotic culture.
Since the early 90s, Koh Samui has been known as a major backpacker
destination. Its transformation into a world-class travel destination began in
the late 90s and early 2000s when famous hotels started setting up shop in the

Today, four and five-star hotels dot the area to
serve the huge influx of tourists annually. Among the popular spots within the
Koh Samui area is the Ang Thong Marine National Park, where visitors can enjoy
dozens of leisure activities. Among these activities include climbing,
snorkelling, kayaking and diving. The spectacular scenery, coupled with quality
services as well as the huge demand for premium services all help in decreasing
the vacancy cycle of its accommodations.

It is Also an Investment Haven

Koh Samui attracts, not only tourists who wish to
partake of its beautiful beaches but also property investors who wish to get a
piece of the action. Property experts predict that Koh Samui will continue to
develop and evolve into a trendy and extravagant getaway for tourists.
Obviously, when such a thing happens, it will greatly help the price that its
accommodation units and properties offer.

This is perhaps the reason why more investors are
keenly interested in the island. Many of them have started buying up
properties, particularly several-bedroom villas that can accommodate tourists
who wish to experience a different kind of living.

Koh Samui rental prices

An apartment accommodation at the island costs
around $60 for each night of stay, which is definitely affordable for tourists
travelling this part of the world. The rental prices of luxury villas can range
anywhere between $80 and $720. You might consider the latter price as stiff but
you will be surprised to know even these types of villas seldom get vacant,
particularly during the peak season.

With average rental property prices starting at
$400,000 and annual yields of 7%, it is not surprising for property investors
to be genuinely interested. As if this is not enough, Koh Samui properties also
offer potentially huge capital growth of 8%. Do you know the best part about it
all? Investors themselves get to have their own vacation house when it is time
for them to enjoy the sun.

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