Investing in a commercial real estate property in Koh Samui in the Kingdom of Thailand is a step in the right direction at this point in time. The lovely Kingdom is on its way to becoming the next Tiger of Asia with an economy considered as one of the best performing in Southeast Asia. Because of the newly-discovered economic prowess of its citizens, it is but normal for the prices of some of the basic needs of its citizens to also increase due to the rising demand. Commercial real estate properties in Thailand, like vacation villas, particularly in the lovely island of Koh Samui, are no different. These Koh Samui villas have been steadily rising for the past years, making it one of the most lucrative investment opportunities for locals and expats alike. The good news is that market analysts in Thailand foresee another decade of price increases for villas in Koh Samui, meaning it has not reached its peak yet. In this vein, today is the best place to invest in commercial real estate properties in Koh Samui.

Why Koh Samui?

The lovely paradise island of Koh Samui is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred places for locals and foreigners alike to spend their honeymoon, vacation, and even settle down. The place is perfect for tourists to spend their holiday vacation. The fine and ultra-white sand of its seashores greatly complement the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand, giving it a truly-beautiful postcard look. Best of all, there are lots of places in Koh Samui where you can spend a relaxing day or evening, and also entertainment spots that will drive your worries away. While there are a lot of luxury and budget hotels in the area that caters to foreign and local tourists, many of them now prefer villa rentals. This new accommodation option offers a lot more than a bedroom in a hotel. Tourists get to enjoy an ambience that closely resembles their own homes. Best of all, they get to enjoy magnificent views and world-class amenities that tourists would look for in a hotel.

What are the available villas for sale in Koh Samui?

Commercial property investors have the option of buying land in Koh Samui and building their specially-designed villas there. There are, however, villas that have been built by developers and available for long-term lease or sale. Many tourists and expats prefer the latter option because they consider it a hassle-free investment which can immediately be converted into an income-generating investment. There are luxurious beach-front villas, those with an expansive view of the Gulf of Thailand, hillside villas and those that are located right in the middle of a lush tropical garden. All of these villas are located in the heart of Koh Samui where you can be assured of a steady stream of tourists wanting to rent your villas.

How big are the Koh Samui villas?

Most of the really big villas are found on the beach front and are usually rented by those who prefer a luxurious lifestyle on the beach. Many of these villas have four to six bedrooms with living quarters for your staff and manager who will take care of your guests for you. Normally, beachfront villas have a rent price tag of around US$800 to $2000 for each night of stay. While these type of villas may require you more than US$500,000 in investment capital, you can surely achieve a return on your investment within the year. Mid-size villas with a view of the sea may cost less than $500,000 in investment capital but the rental price tag is also low. For instance, a 2-bedroom villa with a view of the Gulf of Thailand may only cost around US$200 per night. Nevertheless, with proper marketing, you may also recover your investment within the year.

There are also sea view villas that have six bedrooms and these can also have a rent price range of around US$2000 or more. Many of these villas include a swimming pool for those who prefer to bask in the sun by the poolside after a day at the beautiful white beaches of Koh Samui. So if you are looking for a commercial investment opportunity, you might want to consider getting Koh Samui villas that you can rent to tourists. For sure, you will not regret this investment as the massive influx of tourists will ensure that your Koh Samui villas will be occupied all year long.

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