Investing in a beautiful property in a rapidly-developing country like Thailand may just be the business opportunity you have long waited for. This lovely kingdom where the ancient and the modern intertwine is swiftly becoming the haven for expats and real property investors who wanted to be among the first in setting up investment properties to cater to locals and tourists alike. It is often said that whoever is the first has the best chance of success and that the best opportunities are available only to the first competitors. This time-honored principle has been proved over and over again in the business community. The first to envision a computer in every home was Apple Corporation, an idea that was scoffed at by big corporations during that time, but today, no one is laughing at the trillion-dollar-worth tech company. Ray Kroc hit upon a novel real estate idea for a fledgling company, McDonald’s, and his idea paid off. Today, that opportunity again presents itself in the form of an investment property in Thailand.

Why Thailand?

This lovely kingdom is now turning out to be the most in demand place where expats and real property investors can buy choice locations for their residence or business. The combination of the country’s tropical temperature, spectacular views, lush forests teeming with wildlife, and delicious food, are enough to captivate the fancy of anyone. In terms of the number of tourist arrivals, more than 35 million have visited the charming kingdom in 2017. This year, the Thai Tourism Ministry reports that as of June 2018, tourist arrivals have already reached almost 20 Million and it’s only in the middle of the year with more than five months to go until the end of the year. The information provided by the ministry indicates that if you pro-rate the tourist arrivals by month, it will show that there are more than 3 million tourists on any given month. This would show the huge earning potential of hotels and accommodations, particularly on the beachfront.

Is it affordable?

If you are an expat looking for a great place to call home, or if you are an investor checking out which locations can best host your business, then you would be glad to know Thailand does not cost that much. With a budget of less than $200,000, you can already buy a 2-bedroom flat on the outskirts of Bangkok complete with garage and access to pool and sauna. There are also 3-bedroom villas and apartments that go for anywhere between $220,000 and $650,000. These types of properties are best for expats who are looking for homes at an affordable price. There are also property investors who buy such types of homes to rent out to tourists wishing to stay in the lovely kingdom for a few weeks or months. With the huge volume of tourists visiting Thailand, property investors are assured of a hassle-free regular monthly income.

Many property investors have placed their money in luxury villas located in popular destinations like Koh Samui. While villas at these spots can fetch a hefty price of around $1.6M and up, investors are assured of a steady income all year round because most tourists who visit Thailand choose this type of place as their destination. The best thing about investing in a property in this lovely kingdom is you can use your investment as your holiday home during the short slack month where tourist arrivals are at their lowest. For the rest of the year, you can allow third party property managers to maintain your property and rent it out to tourists. This way, you can continue going about your other tasks while allowing your property investment to earn a decent monthly income.

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