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If you are looking to grow your business, the first thing you have to do is know how to recruit and manage the best sales people. Your sales team will be responsible for putting out your business in the market. They have to be on point. Achieving this may be a difficult task because it isn’t always easy to find high-quality people. 

When you find it difficult to assemble a reliable sales team, maybe it is time to re-evaluate your strategy in recruiting people. Keep in mind that little changes in your recruitment strategy may spell a big difference in getting the best candidates for your team. Read on below to know how to recruit and manage the best sales people for your company. 

How to Recruit the Best Sales People

Finish all interviews in one day. 

By practice, the hiring process usually takes months to accomplish. It would be best to work with an experienced recruiter and have them line up all candidates in one day. Spend at least 30 minutes interviewing each candidate. This will allow you to choose faster and offer within 24 hours. Condensing everything in one day will allow you to find the right people right away and not lose them along the way. 

Oftentimes, recruiters who get incentive when you hire someone are more motivated to get the right people faster. This helps the recruiter to manage their time and give you the best options possible. Whilst it is best to accomplish everything in one day, it is still best to continue recruiting all the time in the background. 

Keep interviews concise. Don’t take too much time assessing an interviewee’s personality as this should be something you should have figured out a few seconds into the interview. A few examples of questions to help you filter the best candidates include:

  1. How many hours do you work in a day?
  2. Tell me more about your greatest sales success? What made that particular special?
  3. What if a purchasing manager offers you a small kickback in exchange for a large sale? How would you feel?
  4. Did you lose a potential a big sales opportunity? What did you learn from it?
  5. Would it be possible for you to sell a product or service that you are not passionate about?

Be sure to keep in mind that the candidate is also assessing you as a potential boss. It is important that you sell your company and vision if you want the best talent to choose you over the others. 

Choose skills over experience. 

In every job hunting, education and job experience are always the top two priorities. If you want to create the best sales team, you must look for raw smarts, ability to accomplish things, and the hunger to win. Regardless of the background, getting someone who has experience in handling objections and developing a great sale is more important. Imagine setting a candidate loose and letting them do what they can to accomplish things. Would they be able to pull it off? Building the best sales team is investing in people with confidence in their skills. 

Test your candidates.

The main goal of recruiting the best sales team is to sell your company to clients so testing them on how they will accomplish that goal is just fitting. One way of doing this is by asking the candidate to pitch their current company to the interviewer. This weeds out candidates as it would be easy to see who came prepared and who can present topics they are not familiar with. When doing this, do not expect all candidates to know all the answers but use this opportunity to see who has the ability to communicate well despite being under pressure. 

How to Manage the Best Sales People

After you have assembled the best sales team, the next step would be managing them well. Remember that no matter how good your team is, they can leave you without batting an eye if they feel they are not managed well. 

Here are a few tips on how to manage a successful sales team:

Be Results Oriented

If you want to achieve the best results for your company, be sure to create an environment where your team can be transparent and oriented towards key sales metrics. Be clear at the get-go. Putting competitive people together will ultimately drive the whole organisation up. 

Manage Expectations

Always keep your expectations manageable. Always try to make your team commit to consistency. Think about it, which one would you prefer to have on your team – someone who consistently hits 90% of quota or one who overperforms at 160% one month and dive way down the next?

Incentivize your Team

Incentivizing is synonymous to motivating. It would be much help to invest in a dashboard that displays all closed deals with its current dollar value. Not only does it promote transparency within your organisation, it would also be a good gauge for what incentives you can give your people. This motivation will make them perform better. 

Never Scrimp on Training

Ingrain in your team the importance of continuous learning. Invest in training and professional development for your people. It is important for a successful sales force to have regular training to help them strengthen their knowledge about the product and also about competitive intelligence, opportunity management, prospecting, territory planning, and communication. 

Use a Personalised Approach

Managing a team means handling people with different backgrounds and personalities. As a mentor and an enabler, you would want your team shielded from internal politics so they concentrate on working on the job at hand. Remember that you have to manage each one differently depending on their personality and skills. Know what motivates them and use it to develop them. 

Aim for Balance

Oftentimes, managers give the best opportunities to the best salespersons in the team because it is best for the company. However, developing a fair system of distributing accounts will benefit you in the end. As a manager, you want each and everyone in your team to feel important and that you are giving them a chance to be successful. Never fail to invest in your new talent as they may surprise you in the future. 

How to recruit and manage the best sales people will all depend on your goals.

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