Nothing could be better than mixing business with pleasure. Indeed, many investors who flock Thailand today never fail to pay Koh Samui a visit. It is the second largest island in Thailand and undeniable one of the most beautiful destinations in Asia, if not the world! Investors who do meetings in the city would often find themselves extending their journey and staying at this lovely enclave for several days more. With the list of activities being offered in the island, it’s no surprise if you would end up doing the same.


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters of Koh Samui, and then couple it with a pair of snorkels? Yes, many foreigners visit the island just to enjoy the popular snorkeling activities in Koh Nang Yuan. The beauty of marine life here is truly breathtaking and a single day spent at the area would seem too short. But then again, it is truly worth it.

Scuba Diving

Those who desire to go into deeper waters and come much closer to the underwater creatures could opt for scuba diving. Koh Samui is famous for its warm crystal clear blue waters that never fail to please foreigners. There are instructors who can assist newbie divers while there are also programs who can further improve the skills of experienced divers. With reasonable prices, foreigners find themselves coming back with some even looking for Koh Samui properties to buy!

Canopy Adventures

Have you ever wondered what Tarzan is feeling whenever he uses those strong vines to move across a vast forest? Well, Koh Samui can make you feel as adventurous as Tarzan could ever be! Think of the lush green forest in Koh Samui and you can just imagine the distance that you would be able to cover as you glide, hanging in midair! Though this may not be for the fainthearted, yet you can always try to awaken the daring side of you.


If you would like to experience what Olympians feel whenever they ride their kayaks, then Koh Samui is your destination. At the famous Angthong National Park, you would be able to weave in and out of the limestone outcrops and witness lovely and exotic fish as you carefully row the paddles. Here, you get to enjoy the waters and you also see a beautiful natural wonder!

Koh Samui is one of the finest destinations of tourists and even foreigners who visit Thailand for a business trip. The host of activities that one could do makes it a favorite of many foreigners. This is also the reason why for the past years, Koh Samui properties have been selling like hot potato. If there’s an available property in this place that you are eyeing, better get hold of it before others will.

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