Ah! The beauty that is Singapore! A gleaming gem in Asia that boasts of resilient people, strong economy, and a totally breathtaking metropolis, the Lion State has never ceased to amaze people. Its present status is not just a product of an overnight event. It is rather the result of years of hard work and cooperation from its leaders and its people! This is why today, the 9th of August, Singaporeans rejoice in commemorating their rich history, the majestic turn of events that they have witnessed, all of which have contributed in bringing the country to the heights that it has reached today!

How Modern Singapore was Founded

Going back as to how the ultra-modern Singapore that you can see now started, one would realize the richness of the country’s story. The turning point for Singapore was when the British government established a trading post in the country in 1819. This led the country to becoming a British colony in 1824. According to historical references, such even marked the founding of colonial Singapore, which broke the common notion as the country being a mere port during Majapahit eras. From that small establishment, one could say that the rest is history.

The Independence

In order to fully appreciate this small yet strong island in Asia, its independence must always be kept in mind. It was in 1965 when the country was able to achieve its independence. There was huge doubt as to how a small island could become self-reliant considering that it was lacking in natural resources, but yet Singaporeans prevailed. It was able to beat the odds. It was able to overcome its own domestic problems, and one that involves its relations with other states in the international scene. As years passed, under the leadership of one of the strongest leaders in modern history, Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore slowly climbed the summit until it reached the top. Now, every 9th of August, the whole country joins as one in celebrating their National Day.

Singapore National Day 2018

The National Day of Singapore isn’t a boring celebration where people only get to hear historical accounts. In fact, it is one of the most looked-forward to occasions of the year. Singaporeans get excited over the National Day Parade! Days before this grand event, people start to see the red and white transformation of this strong and vibrant country. Audiences get to witness the awesome military parade, aerial high jinks, song-and-dance presentations and of course, the much-awaited dazzling fireworks display! Add to that the array of food stalls and merrymaking in the area and you could make this awesome event a part of your annual calendar of activities.

Every year, Singaporeans never fail to give due recognition to their glorious history. The National Day reminds them of the manner by which their country has achieved success! It also rekindles the spirit of patriotism, which is an important element in transforming their nation into the Singapore that we all know today!

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