So…second day working from home, I was not at home.

It was back to the office in the morning; I have what may well be my last face to face meeting for a while, this afternoon. As there’s absolutely no chance of our workload slowing down any time soon, I decided I would spend the morning in the office, quietly working on a number of documents I need to complete.

This plan was slightly hijacked. My mother (in her mid-80’s) is taking prudent precautions, but is determined not to be a hermit until she has to be. Hearing I was going down to town, she cadged a ride, which turned into a ride and a quick coffee, so getting down to business was slightly delayed.

Never mind, I will have the place to myself…I walked in to find one of my colleagues had had exactly the same thought. Ah well…we managed not to distract each other too much, but lunch was called for – and eaten…Imperial Treasure is like a siren song to both of us.

Anyway, off to my appointment. Having postponed this a couple of times, neither of us wanted to do so again. Slight social distancing was observed (no handshake, a table by itself, neither of us leaning forward – you get the picture), and the meeting progressed well. What I had not realised was that I was meeting Singapore’s authority on Chinese preparedness and capabilities for emergencies (specifically epidemics)…there are occasions when you just meet the right person at the right time.

Back to the car and home, with three calls en route- one with a colleague to chase information from a client, and discuss our approach, one with a potential marketing partner and one with another colleague confirming details of a progress call with a client on Monday.

At dinner, my eldest again sits at one end of the large dining table, while the rest of us cluster at the other end. Just as well we’re still enjoying the humour of the situation. This is likely to get old well before the 14 days are up.

Again, everyone vanished to their rooms quickly after dinner.

Another day ends.

Stay safe – keep calm and carry on.

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