NO! I can’t believe this week has slip slided away.

A few calls and emails in the morning, the bulk of the day spent with my colleagues, and the day races by.

I am being bombarded with messages, mostly ‘I’m stuck at home with not enough to do’, or ‘the office is threatening to send half of us home…it’s going to be weird in the office’. I am hearing from people I know and like, but don’t communicate with regularly. It’s nice to be back in touch, but I can feel the ‘I’m bored – entertain me’ in many of the messages…

A number of people are getting philosophical – we all run so hard all the time, that having unaccustomed time to stop and reflect is a novelty. I just hope this goes deeper than ‘it’s a funny old world’, and survives the passing of this crisis. The information flow about the pandemic is relentless, but it’s a positive sign that much of my social media feed is humour and encouragement. I am muting a couple of people a day on Facebook…this crisis seems to have affected their brain and sensitivity badly. I just hope they return to sanity as abruptly.

Back home, I pass my younger children on their way out to have dinner with my mother (she lives in the condo at the bottom of our short cul de sac), a tradition that goes back more than a decade. So it’s just my wife and eldest daughter with me, since the latter is housebound. My wife has cooked bakut teh, which is excellent. It’s a relaxed meal, full of laughter and sharp observations on the current situation – Melbourne University is now totally online, and my eldest is in her element, sequestered in her room with Engineering Maths.

We are all happy to have got through the week.

Stay safe – and find the humour in life.

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