Call it unconventional or out-of-this-world, and Koh Samui has it all! Yes, this may be the second largest island in Thailand but it also is one of those places which is able to attract a host of visitors every year because of the great things that it offers. Aside from the usual clear blue waters that define the island’s picturesque landscape, it gives its foreign and local visitors the chance to experience some life-changing activities that they would never forget. This is also why those who get to visit the islands end up purchasing Koh Samui properties because they simply make a great investment!

Watch Crocodile Show

It’s only in Koh Samui that even crocodiles are given the chance to prove that they have what it takes to conquer the stage and impress the audience! There is a place in Koh Samui where these exotic reptiles are abundant. In the show, you would be able to witness trainers place their hands and head right in the open mouth of the croc. And yes, it’s quite normal if you would be gasping and holding your breath out of fear that the ferocious animal would change its mind and snap its really strong jaws shut.

Trek with Elephants

If you have not experienced riding on the back of this great big mammoth, then a visit in Koh Samui will give you a chance to do so. Here, you would be able to go up the mountains and witness the beautiful flora and fauna of the country. Tour guides are available and it would seem that the number of tourists wanting to experience riding an elephant is endless. Who can blame tourists? It’s not a 24/7 thing to be able to ride an elephant.

Visit Mummified Monk

Some may immediately ask, “Why would I visit a mummy?” Well, the mummified monk in Wat Khunaram has been a very popular attraction in Koh Samui. After all, one doesn’t get to witness a mummy up close and personal. The said body of the monk is tightly kept in a glass casket. As always, it has drawn a lot of people to Koh Samui, greatly contributing to the island’s visitors, and of course, to the island’s overall income.

There are always tourists who prefer to go for the unconventional attractions instead of spending their time at the beach. The great thing about this lovely island is that it caters to both traditional tourists who are looking for pure rest and relaxation and also to those who are always on the lookout for excitement. With the influx of people in Koh Samui, many foreign investors have already gotten their share of Koh Samui properties, knowing full well that the island will just continue to grow and expand in terms of its economic viability.

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