Succeeding in Asia is not a given; many international organisations have boldly stepped into the region and have tripped up.

Asia’s economies continue to grow at an amazing rate by comparison to the rest of the world and, as the 21st century unfolds before us, the region is increasing ‘where the money and customers live’.

Research suggests that nearly half of all international economic activity is being conducted in Asia, and world growth will continue to be led by Asia over the next decade and into the future.

More than half the world’s population currently lives in the many diverse nations that comprise Asia, and every day, the number of people living in Asian cities grows by more than 120,000.

With figures like these, very soon Asia will not just be the biggest global producer of goods and services; it will also be the biggest global consumer.

What are the three keys to doing business in Asia?
1. Local infrastructure and support
2. Language and culture
3. Flexibility and collaboration

The opportunity
Each market presents a unique opportunity and challenge – and the region presents significant opportunities for businesses of all kinds.

Building a presence in Asia can double a company’s revenues and vastly improve the bottom line.

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