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If you are thinking of buying a ski chalet, then you should seriously consider getting one in Switzerland, particularly in regions around Sion and Verbier. Tourist arrivals have been steadily increasing in and around these areas and are forecasted to further grow in the coming years. With the increasing number of tourists arriving to experience the ski slopes in Sion and Verbier, the need for accommodation also rises. Why a ski chalet in the first place? Is it a good investment? Would investing in ski chalets mean you are in business only for the winter and not for the rest of the seasons?

Real Estate Investment

Ask a financial expert what is the best investment and for sure you will be told right away that it still is real estate. For the longest time, real estate investments have proven their worth even during bad economic times. Unlike stock portfolios that are very much sensitive to prevailing market conditions, the property you buy now could only appreciate in the coming years. Vacation homes, apartments, and yes, ski chalets, are among the many types of commercial real estate properties you can invest in. Aside from its appreciation in value as years go by, these types of investments can generate a good cash flow.

Live your Passion

luxury ski chalet in verbier switzerland

If you love skiing and would often visit ski resorts during the holidays, how much do you spend for such vacation? For sure, whether you are with a friend or your family, you may spend around US$3,000 for such vacation. While it may not be that much, it’s still money that can be spent for something else, right? Now if skiing is an annual event for you and your family, you might want to consider investing in your own ski chalet where you all can stay for the duration of your vacation. Not only that, aside from sparing you the need to spend US$3,000 or even more, you also get to earn from other tourists staying at your chalet. True, you may need a staff to operate the chalet but for sure, the income gained from chalet rentals, as well as income from your chalet restaurant, will cover everything.

No More Booking Problems

Consider this. If you own a ski chalet, the usual problem of where to book your accommodations will be gone. If you will be bringing friends and family, you just need to inform your staff in advance so they could reserve the rooms necessary. There is also no need to make a reservation fee because it is your own chalet anyway so why pay for reservation? Best of all, you get to choose rooms that have the best views of the majestic Alps.

Ski Chalet in Switzerland: More than Just a Worthwhile Investment

luxury ski chalet around the sion region in switzerland

While some travel agencies release hypes about other locations as the best place to experience the Alps, 99% of tourists are one in saying Switzerland is the best. It is true. Switzerland is the main location if you want to experience the Alps. For one, the most extensive mountain range in Europe extends across 60% of Switzerland, giving the country an edge over any other location. Ski resorts and chalets that millions of tourists visit each year can be found in various areas around the region. However, two of the best places to buy ski chalets are in Verbier and Sion. These two areas enjoy the distinction of being called celebrity slopes because these are the places where world-renowned personalities usually visit. Investing in a ski chalet in eiter Verbier or Sion can potentially bring in a nice income for you.

The Verbeir and Sion Regions

You might ask why choose the regions around Verbeir or Sion when many of the chalets in this area can be a bit pricey. The reason is simple. This is the region well-loved by the rich and famous. Buying a ski chalet in this area increases your chances of having a return on investment in a very short time. This does not mean though that only the rich and famous can afford the ski chalets around the Verbeir and Sion regions. There are also many ski chalets in the area that regular families find affordable. The point is that this region is not only the biggest ski area in Switzerland but is also the most popular among tourists. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that the place is teeming with tourists during peak season.

Verbier and Sion Ski Resorts Can Function All Year Round

luxurious ski chalet in switzerland during summer

There is a prevailing misconception that ski resorts are in operation only for the winter season. While such perception may be true for some ski resorts, it is different with regions around Verbier and Sion. Because of high altitude glaciers in various areas of the Alps, ground temperatures stay low enough which prevents the winter snow from completely melting. The skiing time, however, is shortened to only until 12:30 noontime or sometimes around 2pm since the summer sun’s strong rays cause snow to soften. Most skiers are okay with it since they spend the remaining hours of the day doing some other summer activities in the Alps. These include paragliding, biking, and hiking. While tourists may not be as plentiful during summer compared to other seasons, especially winter, there is still income opportunity as there will always be people looking for ski chalet accommodations.

Ski Chalet Rentals

The rental price varies and would always depend on a number of factors. These factors include the size of the ski chalet, the number of bedrooms, the number of people it can accommodate, and the features it has. In most cases, winter rentals have different rates from summer rentals, perhaps due to the number of tourists who wish to come and visit. The peak season, which is undoubtedly the best time for skiing, are during the months of January to March. February is oftentimes the coldest month and ski slopes are most crowded at this time because of European school holidays which is observed during this month. In some instances, there is almost 50% difference in rental rates between the winter and summer season. Oftentimes, however, the difference in winter and summer rental rates can only be a couple of hundred dollars to a little bit over a thousand dollars.

Ski Chalet Rates and Features

luxurious switzerland ski chalet features

During the winter season, rental prices for a 7-nights’ stay can range anywhere between US$2,500 and US$158,200 at the Verbier. Meanwhile, luxury ski chalet rental prices near Sion in Switzerland range from US$3,500 to US$58,000. Lower-priced ski chalets in these places oftentimes feature a single bedroom and living room which can be converted into sleeping space during nighttime. These are usually good for a family or group of four persons. High-priced ski chalets feature 5 or more bedrooms and can accommodate anywhere between 10 and 20 people. Options for ski-chalets in these areas include catering, hot tubs, heated swimming pools, log fireplace, Wi-Fi, satellite/cable TV, dishwasher, extra cots, and balcony or terrace. If you love skiing and would often go on ski holidays with your family, buying a multiple bedroom ski chalet in regions around Verbier and Sion in Switzerland makes sense. Consider this. You would have ready accommodations which you need not pay. At the same time, you can rent out the remaining bedrooms of your chalets to tourists who flock to the area. It is like having a vacation and getting paid for it at the same time.

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