word of mouth marketing

It may seem unbelievable in this digital age, but word of mouth marketing is still an effective campaign used by marketers. 

In a survey conducted by Nielsen, as much as 92% of consumers rely on word of mouth and recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of marketing. This form of marketing has a higher turnover since happy customers help promote your brand. Creating a positive experience for customers encourages a snowball of information towards your target audience. You have to maximise the fact that people feel happy when they can recommend something based on their personal experience. 

Word of mouth marketing uses customers to advertise on behalf of your business. Remember, you have to do it right to make it a successful one. The traditional word of mouth marketing uses one person to spread information through recommendation. In the modern world, it involves targeted efforts to cause satisfaction, which will result in a recommendation. 

How do you maximise your word of mouth campaign, here are a few tips:

Know your Brand

Before you can effectively begin your word-of-mouth marketing campaign, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of your product or services. To help you understand your brand, ask these questions:

  • What defines your brand?
  • What are the values of the company?
  • What separates your brand from other products and services?
  • How can your brand be beneficial to people?

When you have a better understanding of your brand and your mission-vision as a company, it will be easier to create a marketing campaign that voices out your core values as a company and in a manner that resonates with your target audience. 

Identify your Competition

In addition to knowing your brand, you also have to be aware of your competitors. Identify them and research them. Through this, you will be able to stay a step ahead of them. Studying your competition gives you a better understanding of the industry and areas that need improvement. Does your competition offer valuable answers to industry needs? If yes, can you do something better to beat the competition? What are the industry weaknesses can you capitalise on?

When you know your competition, you can learn from the things that they’re doing right and avoid the mistakes they are likely doing. 

Establish your Target Audience

Before you can launch an effective marketing campaign, you have to establish your target audience and understand their needs. Once you have an idea of what they like and don’t like, you can quickly build your marketing campaigns around their preferences. 

If you can, divide your audience into different personas like how Hubspot did in their campaign. They listed out their audience into different personas along with the challenges and goals for each. With it, they crafted their campaign to address the challenges and achieve the goals. Your target audience must receive a targeted campaign to become successful. 

Capitalise on Exclusivity

Most people want something badly, which they cannot have. This exclusivity is what caused Billy McFarland to get tons of money from consumers who wanted to get in on his Magnises platform. By marketing an invitation-only charge card, McFarland was able to offer a credit card with $250 annual dues in exchange for perks such as exclusive parties and reduced concert ticket prices. 

If you offer exclusive access, it can be a successful tactic to attract consumers to consider your products over your competition. You can also invite influencers to try your products or services exclusively rather than making it easily accessible to everyone. Exploiting the “influence” of these individuals could help your brand reach its target market easier. 

Highlight your Strength

If you want your brand to stand out, you have to showcase its strength – its uniqueness that will make consumers consider it rather than your competitors. Your brand should exude that unique quality that will cause people to talk about. 

Build a Social Community

Majority of marketers use the power of social media to reach out to their fans. Building a social media page is not enough. It has to be engaging, and it has to develop a sense of community where fans can communicate with each other and the company as well. 

When you build a social community, factor in the types of audience that you have so you can adjust your content based on their preferences. This social media community will also give you an insight on which channels they use more often. Once you identify this, reach out to them using this platform. 

Have a Great Customer Experience

When you have a great product or service, but the bad customer experience, all your efforts will amount to nothing. When customers feel they are appreciated, they reciprocate by recommending your brand. This recommendation fuel word-of-mouth marketing. Customers do not go for average customer experience because they expect it from you as a standard. You have to go over and beyond to make your customers feel appreciated. Remember, customers will only talk about the good and the bad. Your goal is to extract the good recommendations. 

Offer Incentives

One of the ways to make your customers feel appreciated is by giving incentives. When you reward incentives, the returns are always a hundred-fold. When many people hear about how your brand rewards loyalty, they will consider you more than your competition. You can reward them when they share their experience with their family. In this method, you hit two birds with one stone. You can provide positive incentives, and you get a useful word of mouth campaign. 

Word of mouth campaigns, when properly used, can be an effective marketing tool to use when promoting your brand. You can use this campaign to increase brand awareness, improve brand retention, and provide brand understanding. Word of mouth campaigns also incurs fewer financial capitalisation on your part. However, it is also one of the most labour-intensive. You have to do exhaustive research to identify the key areas that you must address to start an effective word of mouth campaign. 

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