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So…first day working from home.

My older daughter is back from Melbourne under a Stay at Home Order, my younger daughter is waiting at home to start her course, my son is off school with gastric flu, my wife is working from home, our helper is trying not to trip over people…it’s getting a little crowded.

The morning was totally unproductive as we moved around each other (except for my older daughter, who is keeping to her room as much as possible). No one wanted the same thing for lunch, so we all ate at different times…I hope this doesn’t become the norm…

So, it’s the afternoon, and down to business. This means a flurry of calls, emails and messages. My wife’s work is slowing down (she’s an inhouse lawyer, and nothing is starting…), so she wants to chat. It’s a relief when she decides that our son needs to see the GP again, so the two go out for an hour, returning with a tray of eggs from the wholesaler. I am learning to work fast when I get the chance. I start three documents, but am interrupted and lose the flow…inspiration fades and I am called to do other things and respond to urgent messages. One I have to respond to is that an American friend’s husband is in the ICU with the coronavirus. Not good. This is too close.

At this point, I have had breakfast, three coffees, lunch (homemade minestrone and quiche – both excellent), cake, teas and dinner is fast approaching…working at home is going to be a waistline disaster.

I exchange emails with my brother in Atlanta. As soon as schools shut, he isolated his family at home – he can see what is happening elsewhere, and what is coming to the US. He is fortunate that he has a decent garden and easy access to open countryside, but three teens in the house…

Right. Time to get this bookcase assembled and into my older daughter’s room. Assisted (mostly) by my younger daughter and my son (he’s sort of feeling better at this stage), Billy is completed and in place. It was great having the help – much easier than in the past, when the children were much younger and I would construct IKEA furniture mostly solo.

At dinner, my eldest is allowed out of her room, and sits at one end of the large dining table, while the rest of us huddle at the other end. It’s as well we all have a sense of humour! The Prawn Mee is excellent and goes down really well. Everyone goes to bed early…except for me. I give up trying to complete my documents. My eyes hurt, I have a headache, breathing is a little strained, and a dry throat…mustn’t panic… the haze is back! Thank you so much…

I calm down enough to face the news. Singapore theatres, nightclubs, cinemas, in fact  all entertainment venues, close at midnight tonight. Today’s heart-warming story is that the UK’s call for 250,000 volunteers to help the vulnerable is met within a day. I can go to bed knowing that people do care and will rally round.

Stay safe – and please take physical distancing seriously.

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